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NextSteps Research helps its clients detect new market and product development opportunities.

Our latent semantic analysis engine automatically identifies relevant patents in disparate industries, and our experienced analysts look beyond traditional market boundaries for potential new synergies. With our guidance, clients in a wide range of industries confidently take advantage of market development opportunities and avoid unproductive dead ends.

Market Scenario:
Industrial Dispensing

Market Scenario:
Performance Materials

A company has successfully established its dispensing technology in the adhesives industry.

Could the technology be deployed in other niches such as pharmaceutical microdosing and microelectronics manufacturing?

What patents exist in these other niches?

What are the differences in product development, commercialization, and marketing?

A materials company believes its novel conveyor coating technology will help it ride a wave of innovation that will sweep across a number of markets such as pharmaceutical handling, food processing, and transportation.​

What are the potential IP obstacles in those other markets?

Are there complementary technologies that could be acquired or integrated?

How do players in those other markets leverage their technology via product development, M&A, and litigation?

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