Due Diligence | Invest with Confidence

NextSteps Research helps corporations and private equity firms understand the risks and benefits of a potential investment.

We assess the competitive position of a company’s technology, reviewing their patent holdings and the status of key inventors as well as their product offerings and market position. With our evidence-based analysis, our clients are able to quantify the risks to make an informed decision regarding an investment.

Market Scenario:

A major communications provider is considering whether to acquire a young company with novel network optimization technology.

How does the acquisition target’s patent portfolio compare to others in the field?

Are key inventors still active with the company, or has development stalled?

How do most competitors monetize their technology—via direct sales, systems integration, or IP licensing?

Are there other breakthrough innovations from other companies that might be wiser investments?

Market Scenario:

A manufacturer of robotic systems believes that it has identified a team of inventors with an exciting new technology in the field of image-guided surgery.​

Is the technology protected by patents as well as the team claims, or do the patents offer only narrow protection?

Does the technology depend on patent license agreements or component supplier agreements that might need to be renegotiated?

Are there any lurking threats from large corporations or non-practicing entities that may have foundational patents?

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