Innovation Landscape | A panoramic view of innovation

We help our clients understand the innovation landscape of a given field
by investigating the key factors that influence innovation…


Using our latent semantic analysis engine,
we mine a database of millions of patents to identify the diverse technologies, IP holders, and vertical markets of patents issued in the field. Then we read hundreds of related patents down to the claims, developing a thorough technical overview of the field.


Patent protection is only one aspect of product innovation, which can also be affected by development cycles, market demand shifts, new distribution channels, industry consolidation trends, or regulatory changes. We look beyond the patent data, researching companies to understand the links between intellectual property and commercial products.


Innovative companies are driven by innovative people with the expertise to lead an industry forward. We identify the key inventors in the field and document their movements within and between organizations. We also identify innovation leaders in academic institutions, with an eye toward corporate partnerships and startup ventures.

…along with less obvious factors that can indirectly impact
relevant markets, industries, or technology fields.

Corporate Deals

Mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships can set an innovation on a new trajectory. An innovation may cross into unexpected markets, become integrated with a novel system or process, or gain market share through new sales channels. We review corporate deals to track the movement of personnel, patent portfolios, and product lines between companies.

Commercial Activity

Promising new technologies remain inert if they fail to gain commercial traction. We evaluate the players in a space to understand their fiscal health and market share. We also identify the marketing strategies and distribution channels that are effective at carrying a technology to market.

Licensing & Litigation

Commercial development is not the only path to monetization. Companies may also access the market via licensing and litigation, whether they are competitors vying for control of a tightly contested space or non-practicing entities seeking licensing royalties. We review litigation trends to determine where lawsuits are occurring, who is filing them, and how they shape the course of innovation. We also research licensing agreements to understand the key underlying technologies in a field.

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