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NextSteps Research empowers clients to stay ahead of the competition.

Our analytical engine quickly and effectively maps out the established players and upstarts in a space, and our comprehensive review process uncovers the trends within individual companies’ IP portfolios and product lines. We help clients capitalize on their strengths and shore up their vulnerabilities relative to their competitors.

Market Scenario:
Blood Testing

A supplier of blood testing devices witnesses a wave of new companies introducing novel blood sampling technologies that promise major cost and safety advantages. The company cannot afford to sit out as its competitors develop or acquire landscape-altering innovations in this rapidly diversifying space.​

What are the emerging disruptive technologies?

Who are the new entrants?

Which academic researchers are developing commercially viable technologies?

How are the major players responding?

Market Scenario:
Analytical Instruments

An analytical instruments manufacturer knows that China is becoming an increasingly important market because of its environmental monitoring needs and burgeoning economy, but it does not have a clear picture of the innovation opportunities and liabilities there.

Who are the major competitors and patent holders in China?

How are international companies navigating IP and market issues?

Who are the candidates for partnership or acquisition?

Market Scenario:
Smart Grid

A smart grid company believes it has an opportunity to expand into the billing side of the market.​

What are the technology development trends among competitors in this space?

Is there any innovation activity from the suppliers and customers in this field, such as utilities, telecom providers, enterprise software developers, and building automation providers?

How do these players work together to advance innovation?

Is innovation protected by patents or by other means, such as trade secrets and copyrighted software?

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