Management assessment

Next Steps Research provides a unique, predictive tool to assess the strength of both an individual and the executive team seeking your investment dollars, as well as the teams already managing one of your portfolio companies.

Over the past five years, we have developed, tested, and statistically proven a predictive software-driven management assessment tool that measures an individual's and team's ideal business environment through seven key attributes. The assessment pinpoints where an individual will perform best in the life cycle of an enterprise, whether it is a start-up, a fast-growing medium-sized business, a Fortune 500 company, or a government organization. Aggregated individual assessments provide an inside look into complex management team dynamics while highlighting potential conflicts and critical gaps. The tool has been developed from extensive academic and international consortium studies from institutions such as MIT's Sloan School of Management, Kaufmann Foundation, Babson College, and Harvard Business School. After undergoing convergent validity testing against mathematical models as well as assessments used on over two million people, this tool provides a validated and cognitive framework on enterprise leadership.